Portfolio Management – Equity and Bond Mandates

Equity and Bond Mandates

Passive management takes many forms

There is a very wide range of rules-based portfolio concepts in the field of equities and bonds, from mirroring a market index exactly (passive) to a strategy of adapting an index to a client’s specifications (passive customised).

It is also important to maintain an overview in this dynamic market with its constantly expanding universe of indexes.

The expertise of Universal-Investment’s experienced Portfolio Management team covers all relevant local and global markets on both the equities and bond sides.

Universal-Investment’s rules-based portfolio concepts also include state-of-the-art beta strategies.

One key objective of the enhanced beta strategies is to use alternative weighting methods to significantly improve diversification by means of professional portfolio management, and in so doing optimise the risk/return ratio in comparison with common market indexes and benchmarks.

Source: Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A.

Passive management takes many forms. Let us work with you to analyse which strategy suits you best. We look forward to sharing ideas with you.